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Expert knowledge on different inheritance laws and prompt services

I found Ms. Kim Khoo of Heritance Wills International very knowledgeable and understanding of our different needs as a family.  And the service delivery was prompt.

As an expat, having someone knowledgeable on the different laws is beneficial itself. Also Heritance Wills are able to keep our Wills for a fee in their storage for safe keeping, this is also handy for me during my travels.

Mrs. Jane Sleep
(from South Africa)

Professional Services and Peace of Mind for MM2H visa holders

Speaking and planning for death is never easy. Kim Khoo was wonderful as she was able to address all our concerns as foreigners under the MM2H program and passing away in a foreign country. Her wealth of experience and knowledge gave us peace of mind. She is easy to talk to and made the process a joy. Within days, documents where drawn up and we received our copies for our personal keeping.

What a pleasure to deal with such a professional woman. Now we have peace of mind.

Duncan & Lindie Ross
(From South Africa)

Special knowledge of Malaysian bureaucracy, wills prepared and signed within a short time and appointment as executor for Malaysia

We asked Kim Khoo to prepare our Malaysian Wills to mitigate any problems if one of us should pass away  in a foreign land. At the same time we realised our UK wills dated 1984 were well out of date. Kim walked us through the decisions we had to make with our daughters now married and with her special knowledge of Malaysian bureaucracy made sure that all eventualities with the authorities were covered. The wills were prepared and signed within a short time and we appointed Kim as Executor for Malaysia only. We were entirely satisfied with the friendly and knowledgeable service.

On return to the UK we used the Malaysian Wills as template for an update of our UK Wills.

Michael & Hilary Kelland
(from United Kingdom)

Impressed with obvious international experience to draw up complicated wills involving assets in different countries

As a resident of Penang, Malaysia under the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Program, I have been very pleased with your services in recent years when we have completed Wills for myself and my partner.

The Wills were rather complicated as they involved assets in a number of different Countries. I was impressed with the obvious international experience that you had to make these Wills effective. The wording chosen was also very clear and left no ambiguity.

The Wills were also drawn up in a very reasonable time frame. Thank you for the efficient service.

Mr. John B. Jones
(from Canada)

Confident that this Malaysian Will can stand up in court and my heirs in US will not have to worry about a thing

Ms. Kim Khoo assisted me in setting up my Malaysian will. Although most of my funds remain in the United States, I understood the need for legal protection for the funds that are held as a bond for my MM2H visa.

Kim was always the professional in every discussion, explaining the reasoning behind the wording of the document. She was patient with my questions and gave thoughtful advice on my suggestions. She and her team were courteous and easy to work with at all times. The document was prepared in a prompt and thorough manner. I have every confidence that if anything should happen to me either in my tenure in Malaysia, traveling elsewhere, or back home, this Malaysian will can stand up in court and my heirs will not have to worry about a thing. I highly recommend  Kim Khoo and her team to prepare your Malaysian will.

Mdm. Denise M. Peterson
(from United States)

Professional services to ensure EPF and Bank accounts have no disputes

After living in Malaysia for a while we realised that it was important to get our affairs in order. The main reason being was my husband’s Employment Provident Fund. Should anything happen to either one of us we didn’t want any disputes when it came to settling our estate.

I have known Ms. Kim Khoo for a number of years and didn’t hesitate to contact her to have our Wills done in order to secure the EPF and bank accounts. We would thoroughly recommend her and her team as it was all very professionally handled.

Mr. & Mrs. Errol & Heather Lang
(from South Africa)

Professional and efficient services to draw up a will to secure MM2H deposit

I have known Ms. Kim Khoo and her family for the 8 plus years my family and I have lived in Penang. I was in conversation with Kim just catching up about family and friends. Kim knew that my wife and I had applied for the MM2H visa and she asked if we had another will here in Malaysia as well as our Canadian one. Having a large amount of money in a fixed deposit here, she encouraged us to get another will done here, so there would be no issues with the deposit. Kim looked after our needs in a professional and efficient manner and answered all of our questions.

I have no hesitation in recommending Kim’s services.

Mr. & Mrs. Bob & Karin Thorne
(from Canada)

Just the professional to use to draw up our Malaysian Wills as advised by our U.K. solicitor

My husband and I needed to redo our wills in the UK and we let slip to our solicitor  there that we also have a property in Malaysia.  Our UK solicitor then advised that we should make a separate will in Malaysia to protect our assets there.  This was news to us but we recognized the implications and mess we could be leaving behind.

On meeting Ms. Kim Khoo we discovered she was just the professional we were searching for. So now our UK Will has reference to our Malaysian Will and vice versa and both  copies of the Will has been safe kept respectively.

We were delighted to have met Kim, to have used her services, and we now count her as a good friend.  Would we recommend her to others?  Of course, and we have already done so.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Jurdy Brewer
(from United Kingdom)

Effective Wills & Testaments which spans several international jurisdictions

Ms. Kim Khoo provided insightful and expedient help in crafting effective Wills and Testaments for our Estate which spans several international jurisdictions.

With compassion and competence, Kim handled all our rather complicated requirements with ease and care. Kim is knowledgeable, empathetic and patient, and able to explore all aspects of tax and inheritance regulations that are in effect in the countries where we hold assets.

Thanks for making what could have been a scary and tedious exercise into a productive, thought-provoking family discussion which helped us reach alignment on several family-related goals.

Professors Dr. Per & Dr. Nancy Jenster
(from Denmark & United States)

A terrific job and fair fee to secure our MM2H fixed deposit

My wife and I are Americans living in Malaysia on the MM2H plan. We realized that having a fixed deposit here implied the need for a Malaysian will so that our loved ones could gain access to our assets if anything happened to us here.

Ms. Kim Khoo did a terrific job in explaining the key legal points. We conveyed our desires for our will including a couple of unusual points. Kim put together a will over the next few days. When we met her next at her office everything was in order. We signed it, paid her a fair fee and departed with that matter all taken care of in good order.

We highly recommend Kim’s legal services to anyone needing to get things right here in Malaysia.

Mr. & Mrs Dave & Julie Ray
(from United States)

Special know-how and experience in legacies to prepare Wills for Malaysia as accepted by German Notary

We are an international business couple with companies and assets in Europe, Asia and USA. Ms. Khoo analysed our situation and advised us on special points to consider by expatriates like us, living in Malaysia and being German nationals.

With her special know-how and experiences in legacies she guided us to prepare Wills (we German say just Testaments) in Malaysia to be aligned with Germany, so that both supplement each other. The procedure here in Malaysia was simple and easy, as Ms. Khoo had all our private details and wishes to prepare each one Testament for my wife and for me. In Germany we did discuss Ms. Khoo’s advices with a Testament Notary and they were fully accepted and integrated into our Testaments there.

Dato’ & Datin Welf & Susan Atzberger
(from Germany)

Comprehensive & efficient legal services for setting up a Trust and safekeeping

Based on Ms. Kim Khoo’s sound legal experience and knowledge of Expatriate situations, we obtained excellent and sound advice on how to structure our Wills across multiple regions and jurisdictions and how to structure a Trust as well. In addition her storage services to ensure easy access to our Wills and legal documents for our Executors.

Kim’s experience and knowledge made the process of drawing up our Wills and other legal documents much easier and quicker and her efficient and prompt service enabled us to complete everything within a week.

Kim was a pleasure to deal with, extremely professional and delivered the service she promised. We would not hesitate to recommend Kim and her team to others who need proper and professional legal services here in Malaysia.

Mr. Leendert van Gent & Mdm. Katrina Rowland
(from Netherlands & Australia)

Senior Banker confident that both Malaysian & Australian assets are dealt with separately & without contradiction

Having been a corporate banker for a large institution in Australia for over 35 years it was important for my husband and I to have the correct legal advice following our move to Malaysia in 2017.

Fortunately I was invited to attend a seminar given by Ms. Kim Khoo where she explained the legal requirements in Malaysia with particular focus on the importance of having a valid will covering our assets here.

We then engaged her services to review our needs and are now confident that should the need arise our wills will stand up in a Malaysian court so that our assets here will be dealt with as we wished without affecting or contradicting our wills dealing with assets outside Malaysia.

If you have chosen to make Malaysia your new or second home I would highly recommend that you contact Kim to review your own position.

Mr. & Mrs. Ken & Marie Luxa
(From Australia)

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