A will for assets in each jurisdiction

In these perilous times of the highly contagious Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) it is absolutely essential for an expat to ensure that his or her loved ones are fully protected should the undesirable happen.  Have you equipped and empowered your spouse, partner, or next of kin to deal with your assets in a foreign land with […]

Legacy planning for the business owner

Many businesses start as an idea, some of them going back generations to an individual who had the foresight and courage to go it alone, or in partnership with a friend or colleague. If the venture is successful, then a partnership or limited company is established. With the excitement and total dedication to the present […]

The essential will for parents of minor children

Ask any parent what is the number one care and concern for his or her child and most answer lies in providing a basic education and a good home for their upbringing when they are around to do so. However in this day and age where air travel is the norm, what happens if both […]