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Where there is a Will
there is a Way

For senior people living alone with their next of kin living abroad, or spouses who frequently travel together, having made a will is not the only important thing to do. Your original will must be available to your executor when the time comes to execute your estate. In the event that your will cannot be found, your estate is then deemed intestate.  This means that your estate will have to go through another court procedure called Grant of Letters of Administration (“L.A.”).  Compared to Probate, L.A. takes twice as long and usually double the legal costs. As part of our comprehensive services to meet this essential need, HERITANCE WILLS offer fire proof  WILLSAFE storage services for your Last Will and Testament, Living Wills, and Trust Deeds.
With the benefit of hindsight of having made numerous applications to court for probate on behalf of our clients, we highlight here the importance of good safekeeping of your will as follows:
  • your original will must be available and in good order;
  • the paper on which the will is written is not defaced, torn or damaged in any way;
  • the ink on the will is not smeared in any way or any mark of cancellation, deletion or amendment made on the contents;
  • some legal systems prohibits a staple on the will or any mark on the will of a previous stapling or paper clip.
Our WILLSAFE storage facilities have enabled many of our clients who travel extensively to have the peace of mind that their wills are  always available & accessible.
To engage us to safe keep your will
and other related legal documents

Our 3Cs Process

So how do you go about drawing up your will?   Our answer is 3Cs.

At HERITANCE WILLS, we make the will writing process simple and easy for you. Our preliminary steps shall ensure that you are sufficiently guided as to how to start and complete your wills within a week from receipt of full information from you, as some of our clients have attested to in our TESTIMONIALS page. We discourage prolonging the process for longer than necessary as we do recognize that drawing up a will may be an emotional exercise for some, hence getting it done fast and getting it done right is our assurance to you


You shall be furnished with our Checklist to start off. This Checklist contains questions about your personal information which you will find easy to prepare. Then, one of our team members shall get in touch with you, preferably via email to ensure that all questions from you on our Checklist are attended to. If you have any questions on our Checklist, it shall be addressed by our Legal Consultants or complex questions by our Principal Legal Consultant. Up to this point, our services are complimentary.


After receiving from you a completed Checklist, we offer a Consultation date in order for us to appreciate your personal circumstances in more detail which allows us to tailor made our advice accordingly. We charge a fixed fee for the consultation but this fee shall be set off with our retainer cost if you appoint us to proceed; hence the consultation fee is then part of the package.

Should you decide not to proceed after the consultation, we are happy to have provided you with the legal advice to plan your estate, and perhaps when the time is right for you, we hope to be of service later on. Should you decide to proceed, which more than 99% of our clients after consultation decide to do, you shall be asked to sign our Retainer to appoint HERITANCE WILLS. You have full control over what you decide to do after the consultation.


Our team gets down to drawing up your will or wills. On your approval of the will, we shall set an appointed date and time for you to execute your will. If this execution is at our office, then we shall provide the witnesses to your will. Once signed by all parties, and depending on the relevant jurisdiction, your will is then completed.

A final task is for you to decide where your original will is to be stored. Find out more about our WILLSAFE storage services here


We provide complimentary consultations to protect the above.

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