What if you have been appointed as executor in someone’s will?

At HERITANCE WILLS, it has always been our best practice to advise our clients that if they have someone in mind to appoint as executor in their will, they should first enquire with that someone and get their prior consent. This is especially important if your candidate of choice is not an immediate family member. […]

The essential will in the digital age

Living in a digital world of passwords and online accounts may cause one some minor stress, but having to cope with the loss of a loved one and to unravel his or her password to unlock online accounts should be avoided at all cost! A family Netflix account which is linked to the deceased spouse’s […]

Common mistakes to watch out for in a will

Although writing one’s wishes to pass on one’s assets in a will seem straightforward, there are mistakes commonly made that often block granting of probate by the Court. There are different kinds of gift in a will. For example: gifts of a specific amount of money (such as I give MYR5,000/- to my best friend) […]