How To Safeguard Employees Provident Fund’s Savings For Expatriates

Although it is not mandatory for expatriates to make contributions to the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), which is the savings plan and retirement planning for private and non-pensionable employees in Malaysia, you may do so on a voluntary basis and enjoy the various benefits that come with being an EPF Member, such as the high dividend rate as well as tax exemptions.

Your EPF savings can be distributed by way of a will, or by way of an EPF nomination. An EPF nomination is a simple method of distributing your EPF savings, which allows you to leave your EPF savings to your intended beneficiaries by submitting the prescribed form to the EPF. The nomination ensures a speedy payment to your loved ones in the event of your demise, and avoids the cost and hassle of going through the court process. 

For expatriates who have joined the EPF prior to 1st August 1998, you may make an EPF nomination in lieu of a provision in your will. If you do not make a nomination, your EPF savings will go to your estate. The downside of this is that your EPF savings will be subject to any debts and liabilities incurred in your lifetime, unlike an EPF nomination. Note that if you have made a nomination as well as provisions in your will for your EPF savings, your nomination takes precedence over your will. 

The method of EPF nomination is not available to expatriates who did not join the EPF prior to 1st August 1998, who will need to revert to the traditional method of making provisions for their EPF savings in their will. If you did not leave behind a will, or did not make provisions for your EPF savings in your will, your EPF savings will be distributed according to the Distribution Act 1958. To ensure that your EPF savings will go to your intended beneficiaries, it is imperative that you create a will and include your EPF savings in your will. 

With a will or a nomination, you are able to ensure that your loved ones are protected from unnecessary complications, and keep them financially secure after your passing. You should also remember to update your will and nomination in line with changes in your life. 


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